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Earl Stevenson's music career began in 2008 when he appeared on the final season of Canadian Idol and earned fourth place. In 2014, Earl and his band were featured in a full hour program on the popular televised show, "Stampede City Sessions". Seeking to broaden his reach, Earl relocated to Calgary in 2015 where he formed a band and performed extensively throughout Alberta, including festivals, live music venues, banquet and weddings.


Earl's talent and versatility led to a small role in the Canadian-funded film, "Mercy", where he played a jail mate and performed an original song that was later released in 2021. Additionally, Earl's music was featured in the 2020 film, "The Two Deaths of Henry Baker", with his track "Lonely Soldier". Earl's abilities extend beyond film and television as he also created the theme song for the hit podcast, "King and the Sting". The song was featured on their debut album after Earl wrote and sent it to them from Indonesia in the summer of 2020.

In the spring of last year, Earl embarked on a successful tour throughout the southern United States, and since then, he has held three different contracts as a house musician at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, performing for over 75 days since last July. Recently, Earl sold a song to the producers of "The Trailer Park Boys" for a new project. With an impressive range of accomplishments and experiences under his belt, Earl Stevenson is a multi-talented musician poised for continued success.

Electric Guitar
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